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Housing Strategy & Neighbourhood Character Study


The Victorian Government estimates Melbourne will grow to 7.9 million people by 2051.

Our city can’t keep sprawling outwards, so the Victorian Government’s Plan Melbourne sets out how all local Councils will have to take their fair share of the growth. Kingston Council has long-campaigned to see population growth centred around our key activity centres, close to public transport, shops and services. This would allow us to protect the neighbourhood character and amenity of our quieter residential streets.

We need Victorian Government support – through changes to the Planning Scheme and adoption of our Residential Zones – to make this happen.


Why a Housing Strategy & Neighbourhood Character Study?

Melbourne’s high levels of growth means that local Councils are faced with the challenge of how to accommodate more people while retaining what we love about our neighbourhoods.

To address these challenges, Council is undertaking a Housing Strategy & Neighbourhood Character Study. The Housing Strategy component is a twenty-year plan to manage housing growth and change across all residential areas in Kingston. This Strategy also provides a basis to review residential zones across the municipality.

The Neighbourhood Character Study involves a detailed assessment of neighbourhood character in Kingston’s residential areas and the creation of design guidelines to influence what new development should look like.


Engaging with the community

Council has been working collaboratively with our community to develop the first draft of both the Housing Strategy and Neighbourhood Character Study. In late 2017 we held a series of Ward Meetings, early in 2018 we consulted the broader community through online and hard-copy surveys, listening posts, guided and self-guided walking tours and in July last year we established a Community Panel – representing a wide cross-section of Kingston residents.


Community Panel

The deliberative engagement phase aimed to involve and collaborate with a representative sample of the wider community by convening a Community Panel to co-design a series of principles on housing and neighbourhood character that speaks to and reflects the views of the community. 

Check out some highlights from their deliberations below.

The Draft Housing Strategy & Neighbourhood Character Study

Consultation on the draft Housing Strategy & Neighbourhood Character Study was open from Monday 6 May - Friday 2 August. This stage of consultation has now closed, Council is currently reviewing and incorporating your feedback. 

You can download a copy of the draft Housing Strategy & Neighbourhood Character Study here

A shorter guide to Kingston's proposed new housing and planning rules is also available here

For an overview of the draft Housing Strategy & Neighbourhood Character Study, watch our short explainer-video below.

Look up your proposed zone

You can visit: to see which zone, growth area and neighbourhood character type has been proposed for your property. When looking up your property please enter your street address with a house number, but do not include a unit number.

You will be able to download an individualised property report outlining proposed controls, including:

  • Current zone
  • Proposed zone
  • Change area
  • Neighbourhood character precinct.


What are the next steps?

Council and our consultants Ethos Urban are currently considering all submissions received on the draft Housing Strategy & Neighbourhood Character Study and are preparing the final strategy for Council to formally adopt.

A formal Planning Scheme Amendment process will follow, with the drafting of housing policy, zone Schedules and maps. Public consultation will occur on these draft planning controls and all residents and owners will receive a letter at this stage.

An Independent Planning Panel will consider submissions received and make recommendations. Council will then finalise the Planning Scheme Amendment and submit it to the Planning Minister for approval.

Join our mailing list here to be kept informed as the project progresses.