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The Victorian Government estimates Melbourne will grow to 7.7million people by 2051.  
Our city can’t keep sprawling ever-outwards, so local Councils are faced with the challenge of how to accommodate more people without losing the amenity of our neighbourhoods. 
Council hopes to respond to some of the common questions raised by the community regarding development and population growth in Kingston.   



Coming soon:

  • Why cant we say no to all new development?
  • What is being done to prepare for, and manage, the growth? 
  • How will community infrastructure cope with growth? 
  • What are common misconceptions about planning? 
  • How can I be kept informed about planning?
Throughout 2017 we will be discussing these issues through the Kingston Your City newsletter, through our social media channels and here on this webpage.
We’ll be updating this page throughout the year as we release further sections of our ongoing series. 
We’ve also looked at who are the people moving into
new apartments in Kingston – are they young or old,
owners or renters, transient or looking to put down roots?