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Amendment C153 Public Open Space Contributions

The Kingston City Council has prepared Amendment C153 to the Kingston Planning Scheme.

The land affected by the amendment is the whole municipality.

The amendment proposes to:

  • Introduce a Schedule to Clause 52.01 Public Open Space Contributions and Subdivision of the Kingston Planning Scheme to specify the following public open space contribution rates:
    • 8% for all land within the Mordialloc and Highett Activity Centres as defined in Clause 22.14 and Clause 22.17 of the Local Planning Policy Framework of the Kingston Planning Scheme.
    • 8% for all land within the Moorabbin, Cheltenham and Mentone Activity Centres as defined by the Activity Centre Zone.
    • At least 8% for Strategic Redevelopment Sites where there is a rezoning of non-residential land for intensive residential development and the rezoning would create a new community within the redevelopment site (nominally 200 dwellings or more).
    • 5% for all other land within the municipality.

      The contribution would be either a percentage of the site value, a land contribution or a combination of both.
  • Amend Clause 21.11 Open Space of the Local Planning Policy Framework to implement the objectives and directions of Kingston's 2012 Open Space Strategy.
  • Implement a local policy at Clause 22.19 of the Local Planning Policy Framework to provide guidance as to where land contributions should be sought and the criteria they should meet.

Submissions were received until 17 July 2017. An independent Planning Panel hearing was held on 23-24 October to consider submissions received. 

At its Planning Committee Meeting of 13 December 2017, Council resolved the following:

That the Planning Committee:

1. Adopt Amendment C153 to the Kingston Planning Scheme as exhibited.

2. Submit Amendment C153 to the Minister for Planning for approval.

3. Notify submitters to Amendment C153 of the above resolutions.

4. Make the Planning Panel Report available for public viewing.

Council has now submitted the Amendment to the Minister for approval.

If you have any queries regarding this matter please contact Kingston City Council’s Strategic Planning team by email or telephone 03 9581 4713.