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Key Heritage Terms and Definitions

What is a heritage citation?
A citation is a report prepared by a qualified heritage expert on the heritage significance of a property. It includes a description of the heritage elements, information about its history, an assessment against established criteria and a statement of significance.

What is a heritage place?
A heritage place can include a site, area, building, group of buildings, structure, archaeological site, tree, garden, or other place of natural or cultural significance and its associated land.

What is a heritage precinct?
A continuous area which:

  • Contains buildings that derive considerable cultural significance from their context and/or relationship with others in the area;
  • Has largely intact or visually cohesive streetscapes, creating a precinct of historic and/or architectural integrity;
  • Contains a large number of substantially intact buildings;
  • May contain buildings that contribute to the historic or architectural significance of the area as a whole and, may contain historically or botanically contributory gardens, reserves and specimens.