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Council Building Forms

A range of information is required when applying for information or dispensations and the links below provide specific information and forms depending on what you need. If you are unsure which forms you require, please contact us on 9581 4130.

For a list of all Council forms and fees, please Click Here.

Exemptions for Building Permits

Building Permit Exemptions VBA Practice Note 2008-32

Illegal Building Works and Building Compliance

Statutory Building Complaints Form

Property Information, Copies of Building Permit Plans & Documents and Copy of Title 

Request for Property Information Regulation 51 

Request for copies of Building Permit Plans and Archived Statutory Building Documents

($100 Residential Plans - $200 Commercial Plans)
(Please note: You must be the owner OR have owner's consent for this application type)


Obtain a Copy of Title 



 Council Report and Consent Forms

When completing a Report and Consent application, you must provide the information which is stated in the checklist prior to lodging your application, if the appropriate information is not provided then Council will be unable to assess your application.

Report and Consent - Part 5 Siting ($283.35 per regulation)

Application for Report & Consent for Reg. 130 - Build Over Easement, Reg. 153 - Land Subject to Inundation and/or Reg. 154 - Designated Overflow Area

Building in a Flood Area or Designated Overflow Area

The City of Kingston accepts report and consent application's to build on any land affected by a Special Building Overlay (SBO) under Regulation 153 'Permission to Build within a Prescribed Flood Prone Area' and Land Subject to Inundation Overlay (LSIO) under Regulation 154 'Permission to Build within a Designated Overflow Area' of the Building Regulations 2018 only if a Planning Permit under the Planning and Environment Act 1987 is not required. Please contact the Planning Department to confirm if a planning permit is required to build on any such allotment directly on 9581 4131.

Request for Adjacent Property Owner Details for Siting Purposes

Section 29A - Consent to ALTER / REMOVE / DEMOLISH A BUILDING ($83.10)


Public Protection

Regulation 109 - Allotments & Projections

Regulation 116 - Erection of Precautions over the Street Alignment

Regulation 118 - Occupancy Permits for Places of Public Entertainment (POPE)

Stormwater Information

Legal Point of Discharge (S141)


Protection Works

Protection Work Process Practice Note

Form 3 Protection Work Notice

Form 4 Response to Protection Work Notice

Request for Adjacent Property Owner Details for Protection Work Notices

Boundary Fences Between Neighbours

Boundary Fences Between Neighbours & Fences Act 1968

Request for Adjacent Property Owner Details for Fencing Purposes