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Building Information

The City of Kingston's Building Surveying Team offers a range of services to the community including construction and legislative advice for all types of your construction needs. Council's Building Surveyors and Inspectors ensure compliance with building legislation and other related Acts and Regulations to meet Council's statutory obligations and to provide a safe built environment for its community.

The City of Kingston Building Department is currently not undertaking the process of issuing Building Permits until further notice. You may seek to engage a Private Building Surveyor to carry out this service for you. Here is a list of Registered Building Surveyors or you can search for multiple types of Registered Building Practitioners such as builders and draftspersons to assist you with all of your development needs. 

Council's Building Team can advise and assist you with:

Please note: As at 1 January, 2019, the City of Kingston has been declared as an area designated to termite infestation as per the requirements of Regulation 51 of the Building Regulations 2018.  This decision has been made following extensive investigation and consultation carried out by Council and is consistent with several adjoining municipalities. Pursuant to Regulation 149(4), the City Of Kingston Termite Infestation Map is available for public inspection.