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Cheltenham Structure Plan

The City of Kingston has prepared a draft Structure Plan for the Cheltenham Major Activity Centre to provide an integrated response to the change envisaged for this centre during the coming two decades.

 The structure planning process gives Council an opportunity to work with the local community to discuss and carefully plan for the future demographic and economic changes expected over an extended planning period. The plan, once completed, will assist to manage growth within the centre and in so doing, will make Cheltenham a more vibrant, and functional place to visit, work and live.

The development of the Structure Plan follows on from work undertaken by Council through the P.L.A.N project. This earlier project identified the broad parameters for growth in key Activity Centres and provides a platform for managing future development through the individual structure plans.

The Structure Plan provides specific details on where, Council working in partnership with the development sector and State Government agencies, provides the necessary direction for future green spaces, improved traffic movement and the fostering of economic growth.  

To view Council's Cheltenham Structure Plan, please click on the following link:

Cheltenham Structure Plan