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Amendment C124 - Mentone Activity Centre Zone

The amendment applies to land in the Mentone Activity Centre. The amendment proposes to: Rezone land in the Mentone Activity Area to the Activity Centre Zone, Introduce the Activity Centre Zone at Clause 37.08 and Schedule 2 to the Kingston Planning Scheme, Delete Design and Development Overlay Schedule 18 at Clause 43.02, Modify the Municipal Strategic Statement at Clause 21.05 and 21.06, Amend Maps 4 and 5 to introduce the Activity Centre Zone 2, Amend Maps 4DDO and 5DDO to delete DDO18.


The Minister for Planning has refused Amendment C124 and exercised his power under Section 20(4) of the Planning and Environment Act to approve a new permanent Schedule 18 to the Design and Development Overlay (DDO18) in line with the adopted Mentone Structure Plan (2011). The new DDO18 has been implemented via Amendment C160 which was gazetted on 16 October 2014.