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Aspendale to Carrum Foreshore Reserve

The Aspendale to Carrum Foreshore Reserve is a long coastal strip that extends from Mordialloc Creek, Mordialloc (Melways 92 F1) to Osprey Lane, Carrum (Melways 97 D10).

The Aspendale to Carrum Foreshore Reserve is approximately 8.5 kilometers in length with gentle undulating dunes. It is not as highly modified as the area north of Mordialloc Creek however the beach is affected by foreshore erosion and as a result, erosion control techniques such as sand bagging and erosion control fences have been employed.

The reserve contains a variety of remnant vegetation which are separated into three ecological vegetation classes (EVC’s); Coast Banksia Woodland, Coastal Dune Scrub, and Coastal Dune Grassland. These EVC’s provide the foreshore with a diverse range of flora and fauna. Some of the local indigenous flora found at the reserve are Hairy Spinifex (Spinifex sericeus), Silver Correa (Correa Alba), and Coastal Banksia (Banksia integrifolia). The reserve provides habitat for a range of fauna with many lizards and birds living in the reserve, and even the occasional visit from seals.

The Aspendale to Carrum Foreshore Reserve is highly valuable as a recreational reserve supporting local Life Saving and Boating clubs. Ten clubhouses are located along the beach between Mordialloc and Carrum including Patterson River Motor Boat Club, Carrum Sailing Club, as well as several Surf Life Saving Clubs. The beach can be accessed easily from most streets, walkways or carparks.

Unlike the foreshore to the north of Mordialloc Creek, residential housing backs onto the foreshore with many beach boxes scattered along the Aspendale to Carrum foreshore. Local residents have formed the Friends of Bonbeach Foreshore which help the council maintain and protect the habitual value of the foreshore for future generations.

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