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Access for all Abilities in Sport and Recreation

Funded by the Victorian State Government, Access for All Abilities has helped grow inclusive sports and recreation for people with a disability for more than ten years, now funding over thirty community and sporting organisations – Access for All Abilities ensures that every person, regardless of ability, has an equal opportunity to participate in sports and recreation in their community.

Being physically active or participating in organised sport is great for making friends, getting healthy and having fun. Regardless of ability, there are sport and recreation options out there for everyone.

Why is physical activity so important?

Sport and recreation has huge benefits for everyone’s physical and mental wellbeing, and forms part of a balanced, healthy lifestyle. By participating in community sport and recreation you will not only reap the rewards of exercise but make new friends, be part of a team or club and achieve personal goals. Whether you’re seeking a chance to improve your skill or Paralympic glory, sport and recreation is now for everyone, regardless of ability.

How does AAA Play work?

AAA Play is a free support service that works with the enquirer to identify what activity they wish to be involved in, what their disabilities are and where they are located. Access for All Abilities can link each person with a suitable sport and recreation provider, in a timely manner.

Phone: 1800 AAA VIC  or 1800 222 842


AAA Play

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