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Mordialloc Structure Plan

Vision for Mordialloc 

In 2004, the City of Kingston adopted a structure plan for the future of Mordialloc, called ‘Mordialloc: Pride of the Bay'. The plan is a 20 year vision that provides a strategy to guide the future development of the Mordialloc Activity Centre and the adjoining creek and foreshore reserves. 

The vision is ‘Mordialloc: Pride of the Bay’ which plays on the distinctive visual images of the water (bay & creek), the place (Mordialloc) and the strong sense of community (pride). 

Why create a Structure Plan for Mordialloc? 

The coastal village character of Mordialloc comes from unique elements such as landmarks, historic commercial shopfronts and station, Port Phillip Bay and the Mordialloc Creek and the historical significance of maritime activities. The allure of the centre and increased market pressure has seen a push for change and development in and around Mordialloc. 

Our structure plan includes a series of framework plans and guidelines for future development and public works. Although historically a small seaside village, Mordialloc today is a designated major activity centre under the State Government’s Metropolitan Strategy. It is important that a structure plan is formally adopted by Council to guide future developments and to preserve aspects of Mordialloc identified as valuable by the community. 

To view the pdf version of the plan click here

Further Information

For further assistance, call the Activity Centres team on 9581 4713.