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Moorabbin Structure Plan

Vision for Moorabbin

The City of Kingston has prepared a Structure Plan for the Moorabbin Major Activity Centre in order to provide an integrated response to the change envisaged for this centre over the next  twenty years.  The vision for Moorabbin is 'to actively engage to bring Moorabbin to life by complementing its strong cultural role with a living population that calls it home'.

Why create a Structure Plan for Moorabbin?

The development of the Structure Plan follows on from work undertaken by Council through the P.L.A.N project. This earlier project identified the broad parameters for growth in key Activity Centres and has provided a platform for the manner in which future development is managed through the individual structure plans. A structure plan is a long term guide for change to land use, building and public spaces in an activity centre.
A structure plan creates a framework detailing how the centre is planned to develop and the actions needed to realize that framework. A structure plan will usually require an amendment to the Council Planning Scheme as one of its implementation mechanisms.

To view the pdf version of the structure plan click here

Further Information

For further assistance, call the Activity Centres team on 9581 4713 or join the mailing list to stay up-to-date with all the latest news in Moorabbin.