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'Two Acre Village' Cheltenham Street Artwork



Educational Resource Pack for schools

The City of Kingston has created the Two Acre Art Mural – An Educational Resource which is available for schools in the local area.

Read more about the artwork below, or download the Resource Kit here


The Artwork

The artwork comprises a large section of abstract shapes and patterns that almost merge into trails of colour when seen from train windows. But view the image close up and you will develop an appreciation of the incredible and detailed images that reflect Cheltenham’s history. 

From the bush and parkland and the local Indigenous culture, through to early shopfronts and buildings and iconic local residents. This mural aims to tell a story, spark the imagination and awaken the senses.

The unique use of styles and techniques show how street art can create vibrancy and warmth to enhance an area. This fabulous artwork has been designed so that it can be appreciated by all the community.



The Artists

With a degree in visual communication borne out of his love of graffiti art, James has capitalised on his passion and is now one of the most respected artists in Melbourne. James has exhibited work around the world and had many commercial clients. His work can be seen on walls and canvases and in magazines all around the world.

Andrew has spent almost two decades honing his creative skills and has become one of Australia’s leading graffiti/aerosol artists. He has exhibited both nationally and internationally and has become a leader for the art community as well as a mentor to young artists. As a local resident, Andrew has a connection to Kingston and its community.