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Activity Centre Streetscape Suite

What is the Activity Centre Streetscape Suite?

The Activity Centres Streetscape Suite will provide guidance on the use of a suite of design treatments and details throughout Activity Centres within the City of Kingston. The notes will be used by designers, developers, installers and contractors as a guide to design and install treatments.

The Activity Centres Streetscape Suite applies to the public domain in the major and neighbourhood Activity Centres and includes streets, lanes, squares, as well as building frontages and setbacks.

What is the objective?

The objective of the Activity Centres Streetscape Suite is to define design principles and provide a standard palette of materials and elements, with the aim to:

  • Establish a clear and consistent public domain image within Activity Centres in the City of Kingston;
  • Provide clarity in design requirements and principles;
  • Reinforce the streetscape hierarchy;
  • Promote pedestrian priority;
  • Maintain construction standards for streetscape elements;
  • Facilitate the integrated management, maintenance and repairs of Council assets, and; 
  • Where appropriate build upon established streetscape treatments and practices.

What does the Suite cover?

The Activity Centres Streetscape Suite covers all elements within the streetscape through the Design Principles, with Technical Information in particular for:
  • Furniture
  • Footpaths
  • Signage
  • Lighting

Who should use the Suite?

The Activity Centres Streetscape Suite should by all who design and install streetscape treatments, including 

  • Council departments,
  • designers, 
  • architects,
  • developers, 
  • installers, 
  • contractors, and
  • service authorities.

Further Information

For further assistance regarding the Activity Centre Streetscape Suite, call the Council’s Activity Centres team on 9581 4713.