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We recognise the significance and value of play in children’s development and currently look after 114 playgrounds located throughout Kingston. Diversity is a fundamental principle of play and we aim to provide a broad range of options for activities and settings, spaces and play opportunities for children of different ages and abilities. You can locate your local park, or search for specific facilities using our Playground Location List.

Playground Strategy 

Council has a  Playground Strategy and Development Plan that provides a framework of how we provide for play at Kingston while setting out a blueprint for the future of playground renewal and design.

Playground Location List

Please use the attached list of Kingston Playgrounds to help you find a playground near you.

Playground Location List

Popular parks and playgrounds:

Bicentenntial Park, Chelsea

Bicentennial Park is an old favourite with many locals who know it as Mount Chelsea. The park is located on Scotch Parade and features a regional play space, kilometres of walking trails with links to the Long Beach Trail and the Chelsea Netball Centre.

Kingston Heath Reserve, Cheltenham

Kingston Heath Reserve is one of the most popular parks in the Municipality. It has a range of amenities including several sports fields, a dogs off-lead area, public toilets, car parking, long walking trails and the Kingston Botanic Gardens.

Peter Scullin Reserve, Mordialloc

Due to safety concerns, we've made the tough decision to close the much-loved Peter Scullin Reserve Playground until further notice. Ongoing corrosion due to the salty air has led to structural decline. We apologise for the inconvenience

Located at Mordialloc Beach, Peter Scullin Reserve is a favourite destination for locals and visitors alike. Located next to the beach and Mordialloc Pier, Peter Scullin Reserve is an ideal place to visit.

Victory Park, Chelsea

Look out for the Lighthouse! Next to the beach at Chelsea, come and enjoy the lighthouse and sand castle playground at Victory Park. The park features a lighthouse with spiral staircase and great views across the Bay, a sand castle, sand pit diggers, swings and a boat.

 Turner Road Reserve (Highett Reserve), Highett

There’s lots of fun to be had at Fort Highett! Come and enjoy the old fort at Highett. The playground features a large fort structure with ramps and cubbies, lots of swings and equipment for all ages, a troll garden under a big fig tree and a great new piece of equipment called the ‘Mobilus’ that’s great for older kids!

The Grange Reserve (UFO Park)

Look-out for the UFO at The Grange Reserve on Osborne Avenue in Clayton Clayton South Melway Ref 79 F8.  The UFO was designed by Council to reflect the 1966 Westall UFO incident.