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Patterson Lakes Waterways

All Patterson Lakes beach maintenance works are delivered by Melbourne Water for Kingston City Council. The service detail and scheduled dates can be viewed in the Annual Beach Maintenance Program for 2020/21.  Please note the scheduled dates provided are an estimate only, dates may vary due to unforeseen circumstances. 

Patterson Lakes is a suburb in the south of Kingston formed around a series of waterbodies known as the Tidal Waterways and Quiet Lakes.

Collectively the waterbodies are referred to as the Patterson Lakes Waterways and they play an important role in the regional drainage system and provide flood protection. The Tidal Waterways consist of a series of canals and harbours that are connected to the Patterson River and in turn to Port Phillip Bay.

The Quiet Lakes comprise three landlocked lakes being Lake Legana, Lake Illawong and Lake Carramar which are connected to each other and to the Patterson River and Kananook Creek via pumps and drains.

In total the waterways provide around 23 kilometres of shoreline water frontage to more than 1,200 residential properties. The Waterways is highly valued by the local community and Council allocates Melbourne Water funding to provide beach maintenance services through a service agreement.

It is requested residents please ensure all personal equipment such as trampolines, outdoor furniture, boats and canoes are removed from the beach areas in order for the contractor to undertake services. The contractor is not required to move personal equipment and has been instructed to go around them where reasonably practical. This will result in these areas being missed.

Your cooperation would be greatly appreciated.

Beach maintenance schedule update

  • Residents of the Quiet Lakes Melbourne Water have advised due to a mechanical breakdown weed steaming will not take place as scheduled. Services are proposed to resume from the 12th April 2021. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Residents of the Quiet Lakes due to issues in servicing during the 20/21 financial year an additional maintenance service to the Quiet Lakes has been scheduled during May. Two separate runs will take place at the start and end of the month with raking, debris removal and steaming of weeds to occur during each run.

Weed Maintenance Services

In support of Council’s Resolution to cease the use of glyphosate herbicides Council is working with other industry partners to consider possible alternative approaches to weed control and recognise that the immediate response may not be the most effective or appropriate in the long term.  However, we will continue to work through the change in order to ensure the best outcome for the community.

Under the direction of Council, Melbourne Water contractors are undertaking weed steaming as an alternative treatment for the Quiet Lakes with a mechanical approach being undertaken for the Tidal Waterways.

Water Quality

At times, particularly in warm weather, aquatic growth can occur and be seen in the waterways. This usually occurs from October to January. These water plants are common and generally pose no risk to human, animal or environmental health, in fact they provide some environmental benefits toward improving water quality.  

Removing and disposing of these water plants is not included in the beach maintenance program. Residents who choose to rake up the algae/aquatic plants should dispose of it themselves or it should be left to breakdown and disappear naturally.

Any enquiries regarding water quality should be directed to Melbourne Water by phoning 131 722 or emailing