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Weed Control

Council undertakes a variety of weed control techniques within the Foreshore and Natural Areas to reduce/eliminate pest plants

These include:
  • Chemical application- use of a herbicide, that is applied by spraying or painting the concentrate onto the weeds
  • Manual: handweeding is the most sensitive approach to weed control and is used in high quality areas to ensure desirable plants are not damaged
  • Seed head burning- kills weed seeds on plant and soil, also promotes native plant growth
  • Mechanical: use of machinery to remove or slow the production of seed. eg slashing and a mower and catcher, this removes weed seeds and biomass
  • Seed head/seedling burning: use of a weed burner tool to kill weed seedlings and seeds.

Council takes a strategic integrated approach when undertaking weed control works. Weed species, native flora & fauna, erosion issues, habitat and ecological values are taken into consideration when planning weed management.

Council Rangers also work with the local community to remove these pest plants from a number of bushland reserves and the foreshore. If you are interested in participating in working bees follow the following link to ‘Councils Community Life’