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Fire Management

Fire is a very important management tool for some vegetation communities found within Kingston. There are two ways council uses fire within its NRA. Firstly council conducts prescribed burns (usually in autumn) to promote/stimulate the regeneration of indigenous plant species at reserves such as The Grange Heathland, Rowan and Bradshaw Woodlands and Epsom Grasslands. These prescribed burns are designed to increase Biodiversity and reduce weeds. Due to the dense urbanized nature of the municipality, prescribed burns require careful planning and management.

The second way council uses fire as a management tool is seed head/seedling burning: this control method involves the use of a gas bottle and a weed burner to flame and consume the seedlings/seed-heads before they are viable enough to produce flowers/seeds on the ground and germinate.

This technique is very successful as it reduces the potential build-up of annual weed species through the destruction of the plant and their seed prior to ripening. As these species become active, management intervention is required to ensure their numbers are kept to a minimum. 

For more information about fire prevention or burning off on private land within the City of Kingston visit