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Managing our Natural Resources

Natural Resource Areas (NRAs) are complex and dynamic systems, and the management of them is an evolving profession.

Each NRA has a 5 year plan and is divided into a number of Vegetation Management Zones. For each zone, targets have been set for weed cover, indigenous vegetation cover, and revegetation for each financial year. Annual Programs are developed to ensure works undertaken will enable targets to be met.

We have 3 broad objectives:
  • Maintain and restore pre-European biological diversity through the protection, maintenance and restoration of ecological processes, indigenous flora and fauna communities, habitats and gene pools.
  • Promote and facilitate community support and involvement in the management of Kingston’s NRAs.
  • Promote and facilitate community awareness and understanding of biological diversity, ecological processes, and the values of Kingston’s NRAs.
Management of Bushland/Natural Areas consists of: