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The annual Kingston Woman of the Year Award celebrates the outstanding contribution that women in Kingston make to industry, community, and society.

Nominees of this award are women who are leaders in their field, who inspire others and who make a difference to our community through their exceptional professional or personal achievements. Award winners are announced each year at Kingston’s International Women’s Day ceremony in March.

2022 Award

Nominations are now open for the Kingston Woman of the Year 2022 Award and until 5pm, Tuesday 30 November 2021.

Nomination categories

Individuals are nominated for Kingston Woman of the Year Award under one of the following categories:

  • Courageous Commitment: This category is for women who are dedicated to making a difference to the health, wellbeing, safety and/or sustainability of our community through advocacy, campaigning, fundraising and/or thought-leadership.
  • Excelling in Arts and Sport: This category is for women using their sporting and/or creative talents to represent, motivate and inspire our community.
  • Inspiring Innovation: This category is for women who are leaders in Business, Economics, Politics and/or an Entrepreneur.
  • Success in STEM: This category is for women who are excelling in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Do you know a woman who has made a significant contribution to community, industry or society? Recognise their outstanding achievements by nominating them for an Award today.


To be eligible for the Kingston Woman of the Year Award, nominated individuals must:

  • Be a woman or individual who identifies as female; and
  • Be aged 16 years and above; and
  • Live, work or study within the City of Kingston; and
  • Have made an outstanding contribution to the community (within Kingston or outside) whose achievements positively influence the changing social, environmental or business landscape and make them leaders (or emerging leaders) in their field.

Individuals cannot self-nominate. Any community member or community group/ organisation can make a nomination. Kingston Council employees are not eligible unless being nominated for their work outside Council. Previous nominees of Kingston Woman of the Year Award are eligible to be nominated again. Previous Winners and Honourable Mentions of the Award are not eligible.

Assessment criteria

In choosing the recipient of the Kingston Woman of the Year Award, nominees will be assessed according to the following assessment criteria:

  • Significance and impact of contributions made;
  • Demonstrated level of commitment to the betterment of the community;
  • Degree of difficulty of the achievement and sacrifices made;
  • Nature and length of activity or service;
  • Future goals and likely impact on the community;
  • Previous awards and recognition received;
  • Demonstrated excellence in their field;
  • Personal attributes of the nominee such as being an inspirational/positive role model for their peers, overcoming adversity, showing vision, leadership, innovation and creativity;
  • Personal, academic and professional achievements; and/or
  • Individuals must indicate whether their contribution was in the course of employment, voluntary or both.

Independent referee check

All nominations are required to be supported by one independent referee.

Referee Eligibility:

  • Referee should be independent of the nominee and nominator
  • Someone who has had close involvement with the nominee during their service or is able to comment directly on the nature and impact of their achievements
  • For all eligible nominations received, Council staff will contact the referee to provide a Letter of Support for their respective nominee. 

Selection process

For all eligible nominations received, Council staff will contact the referee to provide a Letter of Support for their respective nominee.

Once nominations have closed, the selection panel will consider all eligible entries against the assessment criteria and select a winner. 

The selection panel consists of the Mayor and fellow Councillors of the City of Kingston.

Important dates

  • Nominations will close on Tuesday 30 November 2021
  • The Award winner will be officially announced at Kingston’s International Women’s Day Event on Friday 11 March 2022

How to nominate

Previous winners

Kingston Woman of the Year 2021
Kingston Council International Womens Day Awards 2021-651.jpg

Simone Hardham

Simone has dedicated much of her life to support and serve communities through volunteering, fundraising and campaigning. She works full-time, is a mum, President of a neighbourhood centre and founder of a non-profit organisation. Mindful Makings Inc delivers services that positively impacts the lives of those challenged by compromised mental health or seclusion.


Kingston Woman of the Year 2020


June Rea

June is a dedicated volunteer with The Office of the Public Advocate’s Community Visitors program. She works tirelessly to ensure the human rights of the more vulnerable in the community are upheld. Her tenacious advocacy has resulted in positive impacts on the lives of residents in terms of both living conditions and lifestyle.


Kingston Woman of the Year 2019


Emma Gierschick

Emma uses her own experience as a family violence and cancer survivor plus parent of a disabled child to advocate for increased support, information and awareness in the community. Recognised by the Australian Financial review as one of the top 100 Women of Influence in 2018, Emma has been a leading voice presenting to parliament, the Royal Commission into Family Violence and is a sought-after advisor to MPs, service providers and local government – including Kingston Council where she serves on the Kingston’s Family Violence Working Group.