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Personal Trainers and Group Fitness Classes

City of Kingston allocates permits to Personal Trainers for the use of  Sportsfields for Group fitness classes. Parks, open space and foreshore areas are not allocated as they are not maintained or inspected regularly for suitability.  A permit is allocated similar to that of a sporting group, being for 6 months (summer/winter) at a time.

The current fee for use of Sportsfields for group fitness is $516.00 for 6 months. If you wish to apply for a permit, please complete this application formand return it to . The Sport and Recreation team will make contact with you to discuss your application. Once approved you will be issued an allocation for your signing. If you wish to discuss availability of a sportsground please call 9581 4528. 

The following information must be supplied prior to the allocation being confirmed and legal access being given to the grounds: 

  • A detailed timetable of proposed ground use – see below
  • Public Liability Insurance Certificate - $10 million minimum
  • Provisions of Australian Business Number details
  • Certificate of Currency for Professional Indemnity Insurance - $5 million minimum
  • Confirmation of number of participants
  • Evidence of current accreditation with a recognised fitness peak industry body for each trainer

 All allocations are granted in accordance with the City of Kingston’s Sporting Ground Allocation Policy. 

 The following conditions also apply to the use of this open space:

  • Groups are not to exceed 15 participants
  • Conduct must not be aggressive or intimidating
  • Noise cannot disturb the ‘quiet enjoyment’ of other users or residents
  • Portable signage is only permitted to be displayed during your sessions