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Green Wedge

Kingston City Council’s Green Wedge is 2070 hectares – that’s about the size of 1035 MCG’s.

Kingston’s Green Wedge

The Kingston Green Wedge includes all land outside the Urban Growth Boundary in the City of Kingston. Kingston has developed a Green Wedge Plan to identify a vision, objectives and actions for the sustainable use and development of each Green Wedge.

Chain of Parks

The “Chain of Parks” is a project to, over time, turn some historic landfills areas into a series of linked parks that offer a wide range of recreational facilities and open space.

Projects underway in the Green Wedge

There are number of projects taking place in Kingston’s Green Wedge to benefit the local community.

Rural Living Zone

Council has resolved to further explore the creation of rural-style housing as a catalyst to working with land owners to improve the appearance of the Green Wedge.

Henry Street Landfill to start rehabilitation

A landfill earmarked as future open space in the Chain of Parks project is moving towards the start of rehabilitation works to make the land available for other uses.

Phasing out landfill in the Green Wedge

Council has taken another important step towards phasing out waste related activities in the municipality, following a resolution to begin the process of rezoning land in the Green Wedge.