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ASPIRE Program


What is the problem?

Increased waste costs and material input costs have impacted on the competitiveness of businesses in Victoria. As a result, many Victorian local councils have introduced business sustainability programs aimed at successfully improving business competitiveness, while reducing adverse environmental impacts.

What is ASPIRE?

ASPIRE is a waste ‘match-making’ tool online that has been developed in response to manufacturing companies talking to their local councils about waste disposal costs, particularly those associated with increasing landfill levies.

ASPIRE assists the efforts of businesses and councils to reduce their operating costs, and improve the economic development outcomes of a region.

What does ASPIRE deliver?

The online service provides:

  • Rich and dynamically tailored information about waste management possibilities for a business.
  • Facilitates the diversion of materials from waste streams by suggesting business-to-business solutions.
  • Provides case studies and resource information on innovative reuse and recycling initiatives for materials.
  • Gives users a dynamic overview of information about the manufacturing material flows in their region.

ASPIRE is a successful web-based ICT system that delivers benefits to SMEs such as:

  • Reduction in landfill costs.
  • Creation of new business opportunities and jobs.
  • Improved business awareness of waste/resource streams
  • Identification of potential companies for resource exchanges and alternatives to resource disposal.
  • Increased knowledge of the types of potential resource exchanges available.

Case Study 1 - Kingston Council and Casafico

Through the ASPIRE project we have made connections between Casafico, The Wrapping Paper Company and Kingston Council to access a continuous stream of waste paper and polystyrene for use in the building sector. The ASPIRE project will enable Casafico to identify a reliable stream of resources for use in their Melbourne factory.

Case Study 2 - Aximill

Aximill is an Australian-owned and operated company that manufactures commercial grinders, and has recently seen an opportunity to start-up a new business which develops a product from waste, using their own technology. USG Boral have a long history of developing products for the building sector – including plasterboard. This early stage project demonstrates the strength and value of collaboration between council regions within ASPIRE. It also demonstrates the importance of companies attending the face to face networking events that support the ASPIRE match-making website.

Case Study 3 - A Tech Recyclers

A Tech Recyclers is a local Melbourne business operating within the City of Kingston that re-processes and recycles e-waste.  A Tech Recyclers has recently joined ASPIRE. The benefit the business sees is to make new connections with businesses they haven’t yet worked with and generating new clients from the industry sector. 

Case Study 4 - Enigmaclean

Enigmaclean is an Australian owned and operated company that manufactures commercial, consumer cleaning and specialised products, and has reduced their waste by 75%.  Enigmaclean now saves an estimated $2,000 per year in waste costs by recycling their plastic film and by finding a solution for their plastic containers.

This short video will show you the process for registering with ASPIRE.


To then register on ASPIRE, click on this link

For more information, contact - 03 9581 4787