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Sustainability in Council

Energy Efficiency Strategy

Council has adopted a high level Energy Efficiency Strategy which focuses on corporate actions to reduce energy use and emissions. The Strategy follows the carbon management principles of investing in efficiency before off-sets. View all strategies here.

Integrated Water Cycle Strategy

The pressures that have been placed on the water cycle due to urbanisation are immense. In Kingston this has serious implication's for water security, stormwater quality, flooding, groundwater quality, wastewater and poor waterway health. Read more.

South East Council's Climate Change Alliance

The City of Kingston is a member of the South East Councils Climate Change Alliance (SECCCA).  Nine local governments in the Bayside and Western Port catchment areas are alliance members and together we strategically develop and deliver projects that assist our communities respond to the impacts of climate change. By working together we are able to provide a more effective voice for our communities. To find out more about SECCCA and the projects delivered through the alliance visit the SECCCA website.

Association of Bayside Municipalities

Directly representing over one million Victorians, the ten Councils of the ABM are actively managing and maintaining the Port Phillip Bay coast to achieve the highest levels of community benefit by protecting and enhancing the social, economic and environmental values of the bay. The ABM provides a collective voice advocating for local, regional and state issues that relate to coastal management. To find out more about what the ABM is all about visit the ABM website.

Improving our Beaches

Kingston does a range of activities to protect and enhance our 13km of beaches. Please see the Foreshore page for more information.