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Sporting upgrades at Aspendale Gardens Sports Ground

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Sport and Recreation
Kerr Cres

Council is continuing its investment in providing public open spaces and sporting fields, creating new sporting facilities at Aspendale Gardens Sports Ground.  

The project has been split into two stages with Stage 1 works to create the sporting fields and provide car parking now complete.

Stage 2 includes the construction of a new pavilion and landscaping improvements.

Stage 2 Update

Thank you to everyone that provided feedback during the consultation period regarding the construction of the new pavilion and other landscape improvements at Aspendale Gardens Sports Ground in early 2020.

At the April Ordinary Meeting of Council, Council approved the following conditions of use for the planned pavilion: 

a) The tenant clubs are approved to hold up to four events per season where alcohol will be served (a maximum of 8 events per year); 

b) The tenant clubs will be required to meet sporting code (relating to junior sport) and legislative requirements regarding the serving of alcohol. Additionally this would include an event management plan including appropriate security services on site at these events; 

c) The tenant clubs’ four events (per season) will be required to be concluded by 11.30pm; 

d) Pavilion use must be responsible, supporting the needs of sporting clubs whilst having minimal impact on neighbours, by being respectful in terms of late-night noise; 

e) Management and access arrangements will minimise disagreements over space for both sporting clubs and the community. They will allow for the smooth transition between groups and season to minimise theft from and damage to the facility. 

f) The time of use for organised sports activities are 4pm to 9.30pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 9.30pm Saturday and Sunday. 

g) Review the above points following a 3-year period. 

Council also approved the following: 

  • Refer the potential development of a playground at the Aspendale Gardens Sports Ground to the future review of Council’s Playground Strategy; 
  • Note the potential for the Aspendale Gardens Sports Ground to be designated as a future dog off leash area; 
  • Approve the installation of pathway lighting (connecting Tarago Drive Aspendale to Kerr Crescent and Nurten Parade), water fountains, bench seats, pergola and landscaping and the associated cost of these works to be funded from the 2019/20 and 2020/21 capital program; 
  • Ensure the installation of pathway lighting complies with relevant Australian Standards and does not adversely impact upon adjacent residential properties or jeopardise environmental values of the site; 
  • Endorse the pavilion concept, for the purpose of commencing further design development and procurement.

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Construction update:

Wednesday 30 September

Works to establish the electrical substation required to support the new sporting infrastructure is planned during coming weeks. The substation will be located next to the carpark, at the rear of the Batten Close properties.

The reserve will remain open for use during works.

Wednesday 23 September

Works to aid sports ground drainage (installation of ‘sand slits’) will resume on oval 1 from next week. These works were delayed due to excessive rain creating a poor soil structure earlier in the construction program.

The reserve will remain open during works, with some areas restricted for small periods of time. Works will result in a number of sand lines being visible across the sports ground (please see image below). The sand will be absorbed and the turf will recover from the works within 6 – 8 weeks.

As part of the early works ‘sand slits’ have already been installed on oval 2.

Sand slit.jpg


Tuesday 25 August

Works to reinstate the picnic shelter have started and are expected to take 4 weeks. Some areas of the sports ground will be restricted during works, please click here for the temporary access map. 

Tuesday 9 June

Concrete path works and basketball half court renewal works will take place over approximately two weeks in June.

Tuesday 9 June - Friday 12 June:
- Site establishment
- Concrete cutting
- Remove basketball ring
- Demolition of paths and basketball court
- Crushed rock preparation
- Concrete new basketball post footing and pad (subject to weather conditions).

Monday 15 June - Friday 19 June:
- Pour basketball court
- Continue demolition of footpath
- Crushed rock preparation
- Footpath concrete pour (over three/four days)
- Site tidy / make good works
- Install basketball ring.

Wednesday 27 May

- Path renewal works along the trail linking Aspendale Gardens Sports Ground and Kearney Drive Reserve will be undertaken in June.

Wednesday 6 May

- Line-marking of carpark - early May
- Installation of boom gates - mid May
- Light pole installation - mid May
- Completion of works - end May

Monday 20 April

- Car park sealing to commence from late April (weather permitting) 
- Light pole installation programmed for late April
- Landscaping works are underway
- Footpath works ongoing
- Boom gate installation to occur before the end of April. 


Thursday 26 March

- Car park works planned for late March/early April
- Vehicle access and final pedestrian pathways to be completed in April
- Access boom gates to be installed late April
- Landscaping works scheduled for late April
- The timeframe for the supply of sports lights towers remains unknown and is subject to supply from China.

Friday 13 March

- Sports field turf completed and the maintenance programme underway
- All ball catch netting poles complete
- Road and car park works ongoing
- Tree vaults underway
- Light tower footing works continuing
- Footpath works ongoing
- Player shelter slabs complete
- Field surrounds clean up commenced
- Awaiting confirmation on light pole delivery.

Tuesday 25 February 

Stage 2 consultation on the new pavilion and landscaping improvements is now underway. Please click here for more information and to have your say.

Monday 17 February

Sports fields have now been formed with sand profile and concrete borders
- Turf has been installed on the southern field
- Turf installation on the north oval will commence from Monday 17 February
- Irrigation has been installed and will be activated to help establish the turf
- Practice cricket nets have been completed
- Car park and access drive works are planned for mid/late February 2020
- Ball catch netting has been installed
- Light tower footings underway.

Stage 2 Consultation: wider community consultation will commence in late February with community drop-in sessions held in March. More detail coming soon.

Friday 10 January

Community update: Aspendale Gardens Primary School has notified Council of its intention to commence works to upgrade its oval from Monday 13 January. 

Friday 20 December

Works will continue to take place over the Christmas/holiday period as part of the development of new sporting facilities at the Aspendale Gardens Sports Ground.

Works will not take place on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. 

The works will include irrigation and drainage upgrades. Limited machinery will be used to perform the works with inconvenience and disruptions minimised wherever possible.  

Contractors on site will continue to monitor conditions providing dust suppression via a water tanker when necessary. 

Tuesday 17 December

Works planned to occur between late December and mid January will include:

- Sports field drainage
- Storm water drainage
- Irrigation works
- A water truck will be used for dust suppression during this period.

Friday 13 December

Soil removal works will be undertaken this weekend (Saturday 14 December). The removal works will involve the use of trucks and an excavator. Dust suppression will be provided by a water tanker.

We apologise for any inconvenience and will minimise noise and disruption wherever possible.  

Tuesday 27 November

With windy weather forecast, Council’s contractor will be using a water truck to supress the dust on the ovals.


Tuesday 12 November

Council’s contractor is on-site this week, installing temporary fencing, signage, site sheds and the works compound (please see site map below).

Aspendale Gardens Sports Ground update.jpg

Some existing footpaths will remain open during initial site set-up, but it is expected that full site closure and pedestrian detours will be in-place by Friday 15 November.

Vegetation removal is commencing Thursday 14 November and oval preparation work is also soon to begin. The oval preparation work involves spraying the site with a Glyphosate weed killer.

Safety precautions during spraying include:

  • The area will be fully fenced off from the public
  • The contractor is fully compliant with the prescribed use and safety procedures for the application
  • Spraying will only be done during suitable weather conditions
  • Works will be fully supervised by Council staff
  • Signage will be erected on the site.

Please click here to download a fact sheet regarding the use of Glyphosate in Kingston.     

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