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Kingston's Bay Trail

Project type
Shared pedestrian/cycling path
Estimated Completion Date
Late 2020/early 2021

Kingston’s Bay Trail

  • After more than 20 years the missing link of Melbourne’s Bay Trail will finally be completed. Kingston Council is taking action to build the remaining link between Mordialloc and Mentone

  • It will create a long-awaited safe off-road path for pedestrians and recreational cyclists to walk, ride and run along Port Phillip Bay’s stunning foreshore.

  • The design balances the needs of cyclists, pedestrians, motorists and our fragile coastal environment – with the most significant vegetation protected.

  • Construction on stage 3 will start mid September.

  • Beach Road will be a similar width to what already exists in Bayside and Port Phillip, where the Bay Trail has been completed.


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Traffic Management during stage 3 works 

  • Four (4) lanes of traffic will remain open until 9.30am weekdays.
  • Beach Road will be 40km during works and return to 60km after works each day.
  • After 9.30am weekdays three (3) lanes will remain open, with one lane (foreshore side) closed to create a safe work zone for the construction crews. (Note: works can start from 7am that do not require a lane closure.)
  • You will see orange bollards throughout construction. They are used to close a traffic lane during works and will be moved to the side of road at end of work day to define the edge of the construction zone.
  • Works may also take place on Saturdays from 7am, with one lane (foreshore side) closed from 10am-7pm. (Note: lane will only be closed if weekend works are occurring).
  • High visible roadside signs (VMS boards) have been placed along Beach Road to advise that works will commence mid-September.


Project Update: Stage 3 works commence

Wednesday 9 September 2020

Following the recent State Government announcement on the extension of stage 4 restrictions, to minimise further project delays, early works that can be safely undertaken under current COVID-19 stage 4 restrictions will commence on Monday 14 September. These works will include the establishment of a site compound in the northern section of the Bay Street car park and vegetation removal.

All works will adhere to the government’s COVIDSafe practices of no more than five workers plus a site supervisor onsite at any time. In accordance with the State Government construction site guidelines, an additional worker specifically dedicated to the oversight of COVIDSafe functions in the worksite is permitted. Council officers will periodically visit site to ensure compliance with OHS and permit conditions.

Works timing:
Council will endeavour to complete works by the end of 2020, however due to the delayed start and stage 4 restrictions, works may extend to early 2021.

Foreshore access:
Beach access will be maintained at all key access points such as pedestrian lights and main pathways to the beach. These access points will be well signed and provide convenient safe access points to the beach.

We apologise for any inconvenience during the works and will minimise disruption wherever possible.


What are the changes to Beach Road?


Beach Road remains 4 lanes 


The design meets all Australian Safety Standards and has been approved by VicRoads.


Peak cycling organisation, Bicycle Network Victoria and Cycling Victoria, supports the plans. Read more.


Approx. 45% of the 3.3km trail has no change to road width.It stays at 13.4m wide. Approx. 1km of road to be narrowed by 2 ruler lengths (600mm) across 4 lanes, making the road a standard 13.4 m wide


Indented off-road parking located in sections of road 13.05 metres wide (Total asphalt width 15.5m)


Less than 0.5km of road will be between 12.7m and 13.4m (in locations of no standing anytime)


Cyclists can still choose to ride on Beach Road. As part of the project ‘No stopping’ lanes will be added to the beach side of the road in the mornings on weekends. This matches the residential side of Beach Road and will help keep cyclists and motorists moving freely during the peak riding times.

A bicycle-fix it station will also be installed in Mordialloc, along with bike hoops and drinking fountai

What are the impacts on the environment?


The design protects our fragile coastal environment by minimising vegetation removal. Approximately 0.7 Hectare of vegetation is to removed from Mentone to Mordialloc, in accordance with the approved permits. Offset vegetation will occur.


Continue to revegetate our dune systems to reduce erosion and provide habitat. Over 1400 plants are being planted this winter.


Protective fencing between path and vegetation


All statutory permits and State Government consents obtained


The one metre buffer will be planted with tufting plants, like other locations in near-by Bayside. 
(Note: The 1m buffer is from road to trail, this includes the kerb.)


Why is the Bay Trail located next to the road?

Council asked whether the community preferred a 1. Back of Kerb option or 2. Following existing gravel paths. 

Consultation included online surveys, on site signage, a letter drop to 723 residents adjacent to the proposed shared path, email of information and survey to local schools, clubs, and organisations, Bicycle Network distributing information to their membership base, Council media releases and three ‘drop in sessions’.

More than 300 people completed the survey during this public consultation period on Kingston’s Bay Trail project.

The results of the survey demonstrate overwhelming support for option one (Back of kerb) with the following results:

  • Option one: 81.6%
  • Option two: 18.4% 

Common themes raised by the community included:

  • retain gravel path to provide some separation between pedestrians and cyclists;
  • get on with completing the project;
  • offset any lost vegetation; and
  • promote personal safety by keeping the path visible from the street.

Once the path is built, how will the width of Beach Road in Kingston compare to other sections of the road?

The width of Beach Road will be similar to other areas of Beach Road.

The image gallery below shows a range of locations with similar widths around Brighton, Hampton, Sandringham and Beaumaris.

What will the path look like near Mentone Life Saving Club/Parkdale Yacht Club?


Mentone Life Saving Club and Parkdale Yacht Club have interim designs / temporary shared path alignment. Permanent designs are being developed as separate projects to integrate new club buildings and access.

Will there be any planting associated with the Bay Trail Stage 2?

Yes, planting similar to that found in other Bay Trail locations will be undertaken. Refer to the Bay Trail Planting Plan.

Project Site

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