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Municipal Emergency Management Process

In the event of a major disaster/emergency occurring in the municipality the following activities would likely occur under the MEMP: 

1. Following request from the Municipal Emergency Resource Coordinator (MERC) Council would activate the MEMP and provide assistance to support the combating agency e.g. CFA, SES, Victoria Police

2. Open the Municipal Emergency Coordination Centre (MECC) (note this is not a Control Centre for emergency response which is the responsibility of the relevant agency)

3. Administer the provision of municipal resources to assist the relevant agency

4. Provide and coordinate equipment for response and recovery support

5. Monitor all operational activities, including other agencies, for recording, debriefing and planning purposes

6. Coordinate relief and early recovery activities

7. Assist in the handling of requests

8. Open Emergency Relief Centres in the event that residents may be requested to relocate. Identified relief centres are located in the suburbs of Clayton South, Clarinda, Moorabbin, Cheltenham, Mentone, Aspendale Gardens, Chelsea, Carrum and Patterson Lakes

9. Arrange the provision and coordination of catering, bedding, etc. at the Relief Centre through the Red Cross, Salvation Army, etc

10. Facilitate the provision of information and liaise with state agencies

11. Form/establish Community Recovery Committees if required

12. Manage environmental health issues, such as food and sanitation safety

13. Organise/manage volunteers, helpers, donations/public appeals etc

14. Provide community development services and personal support services, e.g. counselling, advocacy

15. Arrange provision of emergency and/or temporary accommodation, if required

16. Organise clean-up, repair and restoration activities