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Fundraising for the Kingston Charitable Fund

The Kingston Charitable Fund was established in February 2007 as an initiative of Council in partnership with The Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation. The Fund raises money from businesses and philanthropic community and all money donated goes into a perpetual account, managed by the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation, which generates a lifetime income. This interest is dispersed each year to charities via our Grant Program. 

Now more than ever, our local charities need funding. With your help, we can continue to provide grants for programs that meet community needs, make the community stronger and make our community more connected. 


The winner of the 2020 fundraising raffle is Vicki Klooger. Congratulations!

Although our fundraising raffle has closed for now, you can still show your support by making a donation. The raffle will return next year and more information will be available early 2021.


For further information regarding the Kingston Charitable Fund, please contact 9581 4518 or email