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South East Freight Hub

What our community wants
Take trucks off our roads by creating a rail freight hub to serve key industrial precincts in Melbourne's south-east
Who can take action
Australian Government, Victorian Government

Melbourne’s South East is Victoria’s key manufacturing heartland and generates $40billion annually – almost half of Melbourne’s manufacturing – and provides a vital 90,000 jobs.

But urgent investment is needed to launch a rail freight hub in the region to ensure our local manufacturing industry can continue to thrive. Kingston is home to a thriving manufacturing industry, located largely in the Braeside area, which contributes $6 billion annually to the Victorian economy.

Kingston Council has joined with surrounding councils – through the SEM South East Melbourne group – to call for support from the Victorian and Australian governments to keep the local manufacturing hub a driving force nationally and in international markets.

To do this urgent investment is needed to improve transport links between manufacturers and their customers. Almost 40 per cent of all shipping containers passing through the Port of Melbourne are coming from or to Melbourne’s South East.

It’s clear we need innovative solutions to free-up freight transportation in the region, without negatively impacting on local residents.

Creating a South East Freight Hub (also known as the Dandenong South Inland Port) would provide a direct rail link for freight services to and from the Port of Melbourne.

This would take trucks off our local roads while making major reductions in costs and time for the manufacturing industry. 

 A critical component of the project is the extension of the rail network to the hub, a connection the Government is yet to commit funding for.

Without the connecting rail line the project can’t go ahead, and so the freight hub has hit a standstill.

A freight rail link and freight hub in Melbourne’s south-east would:

  • take thousands of trucks off local roads and the Monash Freeway
  • significantly lower costs for importers, exporters, consumers and businesses (road freight is 50% more expensive than rail freight)
  • create 6100 local jobs in the south east when completed
  • create 2800 jobs during construction
  • ease congestion
  • help air quality, cutting transport related emissions by an estimated 66 per cent per for each shipping container transported by rail
  • provide competition to road freight operators.