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Moorabbin Airport Safety

What our community wants
Improved safety standards and development controls at Moorabbin Airport
Who can take action
Australian Government
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Kingston is home to the Moorabbin Airport – one of one of the busiest airports in Australia for aircraft movements. Council is keen to see safety standards enhanced to protect the significant residential areas right on the airport’s doorstep

For many years Kingston Council has worked closely with the local community and the Moorabbin Airport Corporation to ensure strong safety standards are upheld in the airport precinct.

The Moorabbin Airport is uniquely located surrounded by residential areas and therefore safety at the site is a key concern for local residents.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) is yet to report on a fatal accident which took place just outside the airport in June 2018 as a pilot attempted to return to land.

The increasing numbers of student pilot flights, and significant helicopter movements increase safety concerns for the surrounding areas.

Council is keen to see the safe use of the site as an aviation centre continue but has concerns about the level of development at the airport and how it may impact on safety.

Through a range of submissions, including to the Airport Master Plan, Council has advocated that the airport – particularly those areas exposed to a high level of aircraft approaches – is not developed in a manner that creates an inappropriate additional level of risk.

Stronger oversight of development at the site by the federal regulators would be welcomed regarding the manner in which the aviation and land use activities at the airport will operate and integrate to improve air safety. 

Council wishes to reaffirm an earlier submission that there should be no further development that is not aviation-related or Green-Wedge-compliant on the Moorabbin Airport land. This is in keeping with the Airports Act requirement that airport planning should be consistent with State and Local Planning Provisions.

In particular, there should be no more large warehouse-type buildings constructed near the ends of the runways where they may impede the efforts of pilots with engine trouble trying to get back to the airport and to land safely, instead of crash-landing in residential streets.