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Kingston Heath Sporting Facilities

What our community wants
Improved regional sporting facilities
Who can take action
Australian Government
Sport & Recreation

Funding support from the Federal Government would help upgrade the Kingston Heath regional sporting complex, a key site for soccer, hockey and baseball in Melbourne’s south-east.


Sporting participation is booming in Kingston as a result of growing female participation and the area’s increasing population.

In order to accommodate growing demand, investment in existing facilities is needed to build greater capacity for participation at all ages.

Kingston Council has been investing heavily in local sporting infrastructure with many millions of dollars invested to provide female-friendly facilities, improved playing surfaces and larger pavilions.

However local government requires assistance from other levels of government in order to fund ongoing upgrades.

A key example is the Kingston Heath regional sporting complex.

In 2009 the City of Kingston was proud to partner with the Federal Government, who generously provided $2.936 million to help create the regional soccer facility.

A decade later, and Council would welcome the opportunity to once again work with the Federal Government to provide much-needed sporting improvements at the regional sporting facility that serves Melbourne’s south-east.

The site is home to the Cheltenham Baseball Club, the Southern United Hockey Club and the Bentleigh Greens National Premier League soccer club.


Each year thousands of participants – junior and senior, male and female – plus spectators are hosted at the site.

 The hockey and baseball communities are growing and seek upgraded facilities and sporting fields to support their development.

Council would welcome funding support from the Federal Government to upgrade facilities at the site and ensure a strong future for the regional sporting centre.