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High Speed Broadband

What our community wants
Improved broadband speeds to key industrial areas
Who can take action
Australian Government, NBN
Economic Development

Kingston businesses need high-speed broadband in order to remain competitive as technology advances.

For years Kingston Council has advocated strongly on behalf of local businesses receiving high-speed broadband. This lobbying has paid off, with industrial hubs in Braeside, Clayton South and Moorabbin all on track to the completion of the NBN rollout by mid-2019.

However, more work needs to be done for us to remain competitive in a global market. 

As part of the City of Kingston Council Plan 2017-2021, we have made a commitment to be a ‘Prosperous City’, which provides opportunities for business to thrive and remain competitive.

High-speed broadband is vitally important for our business community with many identifying slow internet speeds as one of the major impediments to their competitiveness.

Prior to the delivery of the NBN rollout, businesses in south east Melbourne have faced some big losses. It’s estimated that this has cost the region more than a thousand jobs, $8.4 million in potential revenue and productivity losses.

And although the rollout of the NBN will improve speeds, it will not deliver upon our city’s bandwidth needs, going into the future, or meet the needs required for Kingston to become a ‘smart community’ with access to the technology needed to remain competitive.

The City of Kingston is calling for the federal government to improve the speeds delivered through high speed broadband to key industrial/manufacturing precincts in Melbourne’s south east region.