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Business Wizardry Service

Obtaining Council permits, and approvals can sometimes be a complicated process. To assist Kingston Businesses with the permit process, a Business Wizardry service has been launched by Council.

Whether you are planning to open a new business, buy an existing business or grow or change your own business, our Business Wizardry service will assist you to get the necessary Council approvals.

How it works

The Business Wizard will be you first point of contact within Council to guide and assist you through the permit application processes.

The Business Wizard will support and provide advice at the early stages of your application where:

  • Your business requires multiple permits (e.g. Planning and Health permits)
  • You are a new business owner with no prior experience

To help determine what permits you may need, complete Step 1 of the application process below.

The Business Wizard will then contact you and utilise this information to determine what permits you may require.

Where multiple-permits are required, the Business Wizard will invite you and specialist staff from internal departments (Planning, Building, Health, Traffic) to meet and discuss your business proposal in detail. This meeting is known as a business pre-application meeting.

This meeting is designed to answer all your questions and provide you with everything you need to start the application process.

Application Process

Step 1: Self- assessment of business

Determine what permits you may need and look at the relevant links for starting your business.


Step 2: Contact with Business Wizard

The Business Wizard will contact you at this stage.

A business pre-application meeting may be held at this stage to discuss the requirements for your business.

The Business Wizard will go over all relevant details.


Step 3: Permit applications lodged

The relevant departments will start the assessment of applications. Any site visits required will be coordinated or conducted at this time.

The Business Wizard will be your point of contact during the application assessment period and will provide regular updates.


Step 4: Permits issued, and you can start trading

The Business Wizard may contact you to offer follow-up support for your business.

The Business Wizard is here to help

If you’re still unsure about the permit process or what may be required to set up your business or if you believe setting up your business may require multiple permits, please contact Customer Care on 1300 653 356 for a referral to the Business Wizard.

The Business Wizardry Service is available free of charge to Kingston Businesses.