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The Circular Advantage Program

The Circular Advantage Program is an online capacity building opportunity for business operators to develop strategies and a business model that incorporates circular economy principles.

For a business to have a circular advantage, they must embrace optimising their resources - all resources - their people, their products, and their place of operation.

A circular advantage for business is not just about looping waste back into recycled products:

  • It's an innovative review of operations to move away from a linear business model where things are made that have 'end of life' impacts on the environment
  • Instead, business model practice is circular in nature to minimise the impact on the environment and to maximise the productivity of a company.

Don't miss the opportunity for your business to be part of the 2021 Circular Advantage program starting in July.

Planet Ark and the Circular Economy Business Innovation Centre will be hosting registrations soon. For more information contact:

Circular Advantage Experiences

Watch the following videos to hear about the experiences of McKinna, Meat Tender, and Simplot with the Circular Advantage Program.

McKinna - Circular Advantage Experience

Meat Tender - Circular Advantage Experience

Simplot - Circular Advantage Experience

Climate Change Emergency

Kingston council and other local governments have declared a climate change emergency and have now proposed an action plan targeted at business.

Industry and its operations are the biggest emitters of CO2 emissions in Kingston and the largest users of energy.

We have to change the way we do business if we are to have an effect on Climate Change and reach our Co2 reduction targets.