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Business Success Stories


Congratulations to Sean Kinder, Field Applications Engineer with Kinder Australia, who received the prestigious AW Roberts Award in acknowledgement of his outstanding contribution as a young engineer in the bulk materials handling field.  “The award, named in honour of Professor Alan Roberts, was established by the Australian Society for Bulk Solids Handling (ASBSH) to recognise and encourage young engineers to pursue their professional careers and contributions to the further development of bulk solids handling in Australia and globally” (Source: Australian Bulk Handling Awards).” Sean is proud of the many projects he and Kinder Australia have been involved in and the positive outcomes as a result of all the bulk materials handling technological advancements and innovations introduced by Kinder and the industry.

Complete Colour in Cheltenham has gone solar!

Complete Colour has teamed up with Beacon Solar who did a full energy analysis of the business and the data added up to installing a 200Kw LGC Solar Panel System. With the impending surge in power prices, the decision to go solar was an easy one. Complete Colour's power bill increased by a whopping 50% in January, so to offset this, the business installed 728 x 275w panels to create a Large Generation Solar Panel Plant. The business welcomes the environmental benefits that solar power will provide to the business, its clients, staff and suppliers. Having gone through the process, let Complete Colour share their knowledge to those that are considering a similar move. All this adds to the business's standing as the leading, environmentally responsible, print communications company in Australia. Would you like more information? Then please email

Kinder Australia's Sustainability and Recycling Vision

Kinder Australia’s sustainability and recycling vision has been at the heart of Kinder Australia’s core operations since conception some thirty years ago, and is part of all Kinder staff members' mindset. Kinder is very serious about sustainability, and their environmentally-friendly program now includes a cost-effective agreement with Smart Recycling, Dandenong.  This collaboration ensures the efficient and effective recycling of accumulating timber pallets at Kinder's Braeside facility.  

Other current sustainability initiatives underway within Kinder Australia include the collection of polymer plastic wrapping by Polymer Processes and metal strapping collection by Braeside Metals for recycling, as well as seeking opportunities within our business to go paperless where possible.

Kinder is excited and inspired by the implementation of this best practice recycling program, as it's a win/win outcome for both parties and ensures they remain mindful of their sustainability and environmental responsibilities as an organisation to reduce their carbon footprint for the benefit of future generations.

ODS Glass (Mordialloc)

Starting out as an apprentice glazier, Marty O'Donnell took the plunge into starting his own business as a one-man band making window frames in the home driveway and has now built ODS Glass into a well-established commercial window company that offers a large range of architectural aluminium windows and doors to custom-made sizes for the commercial and residential market. Marty's business partner is his brother, Tom, who with five years' management experience in a commercial window company, proved to be the ideal business partner! ODS is also very proud to maintain a steady apprentice base.

Today, ODS Glass works closely with architects, builders and suppliers to find ways to best meet their clients' needs and requirements, including energy and acoustic ratings, aesthetic qualities and various building applications, and the implementation of forecasting tools has enabled them to supply their clients with a better service at tender stage and has helped them forecast their future work load for 6 to 12 months in advance.

Whilst they often compete with overseas imported products, they have found that most clients like the fact that ODS Glass only use locally sourced materials and this has been to their advantage in winning work.

Ego Pharmaceuticals wins Australian Exporter of the Year Award for 2017

Congratulations to Ego Pharmaceuticals, a family-owned and operated skincare business that manufactures more than 120 products and exports to more than 27 countries across the world including Europe, Asia and the Middle East. 

The Australian Export Awards recognise the achievements of exporters throughout the country and are renowned for their ability to raise the domestic and international status of those winning businesses, so this is a wonderful achievement for one of Kingston's local businesses.

Konnekt Videophone for Seniors wins Aged Care Award

Chelsea company Konnekt has won the prestigious "Best Consumer-Friendly Product" prize at ITAC-2017, Australia's premier Aged Care business conference.

Konnekt’s innovation is the first to link 80-99 year-olds who live alone or in a home with family and friends, FACE-TO-FACE via Skype, reducing social isolation and associated depression and dementia. Videophone was recognized as the best choice for seniors living at home, independently, or in residential aged care.

2 Brothers Brewery takes home two trophies at Australian International Beer Awards

The results of the 2017 AIBA (Australian International Beer Awards) were announced on May 18, 2017, with 2 Brothers Brewery of Moorabbin taking home two of the coveted Major Trophies. 2 Brothers Brewery was awarded Best Australian Style Pale Ale for Pay Day (packaged), and Best Reduced or Low Alcohol Beer for Happiness (draught). Conducted by The Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria (RASV), the Australian International Beer Awards inspire and celebrate excellence in brewing, beer packaging design and beer media.

Major Furnace Australia named Medium Manufacturer of the Year

Victoria’s best and brightest manufacturers were recognised at the 2017 Manufacturing Hall of Fame Awards held in May 2017. With a theme of Growing Advanced Manufacturing, the event celebrated creators and innovators from across the state. Family-owned and located in Clayton South, Major Furnace engineers and manufactures medium to large scale furnaces, incinerators and cremators and many other equipment.

Jalwa Dance Company honoured at the Satrangi 7 Colours Arts and Film Festival (SSCAFF)

Babushka Ferenczi from the Jalwa Dance Company was honoured with the Yash Chopra award in recognition for her work in The Indian & Cross Cultural Education, Entertainment and Community Engagement in Performing Arts at the SSCAFF Awards in May 2017.

Satrangi 7 Colors Arts & Film Festival is an Indian, Australian and multicultural festival of performing arts and creative arts, covering film, fashion, music, dance, acting and comedy.

The Jalwa Dance Company is a professional troupe based in Oakleigh South. 

Therapeutic Pillows Australia Celebrates 40 years! 

Local and family-owned business, Therapeutic Pillows Australia, this year celebrates its 40th year producing Australian-made products for health professionals Australia-wide. The company moved to its present position at 234 Centre Dandenong Rd Cheltenham over 25 years ago and is recognised as a pioneer and category leader in the Australian health products market.