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Living Kingston 2035

During 2012 we collected over 13,500 ideas for Kingston's future from more than 5,800 community members. These ideas were turned into a community vision, LivingKingston2035, which paints a picture of the Kingston we all want in 2035.

The LivingKingston2035 Vision describes a Kingston that is growing and thriving with distinct neighbourhoods connected by a network of healthy natural assets and open spaces. A place where community networks are strong, supported by quality services and facilities, and many opportunities to learn and contribute … a place you love to live.  Watch the community's ideas grow into the LivingKingston 2035 Vision in this video.

The LivingKingston2035 Vision has been incorporated into our One Vision Council Plan 2013-2017 and Our Roadmap City of Kingston Council Plan 2017-2021. The official launch was held in July 2013.  You can watch a video of the launch.

How can I find out more?

  • Contact the Team Leader, Performance Planning on 9581 4804.