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Commercial Use of Council Land Policy

Council’s Commercial Use of Public Land Policy was adopted in 2018 to provide a framework for Council's consideration of proposals for commercial activities on beaches, parks and other Council-owned or controlled land, and to provide for the appropriate regulation of these activities.
Council's aim is balance the promotion of innovation, business and the entrepreneurial spirit of our community, with ensuring that requests received for use of land are appropriate. 

Kingston is committed to the principle that public land is for the benefit of the community. We recognise that some commercial activities are best suited on public land, however any use of public land should minimise disruption to the everyday user. Where these uses have a community benefit, Council may consider granting approval.

This policy does not apply to Council-owned or controlled buildings, as Council has a Leasing Policy that applies to building, and does not apply to Council-organised events. Nothing in this policy - or permits or licences issued under it - shall contravene any planning instrument, common law or Council’s local laws.

Submit an Event Notification for Commercial Events

Applications for Commercial Use of Public Land can be made online via the City of Kingston Event notification form - Private, Public and selecting 'public event'.

Enquiries relating to the Commercial Use of Council Land should be directed to the Property Services Department at