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Summer regulations for dogs on beaches

18 November 2021

With the weather warming up and more people flocking to Kingston’s beautiful beaches, summer rules are now in place to guide when and where dogs can be on the foreshore.

Kingston Mayor Steve Staikos said the summer rules struck a balance between beachgoers and dog owners.

“We have 13km of foreshore across Kingston so there is plenty of space for all to share and enjoy visiting the beach,” Cr Staikos said.  

“I’m a dog owner and love taking Pepper and Kloe to the beach, but I also know many people are not comfortable around dogs.  Our focus is on ensuring everyone can enjoy our beautiful foreshore in the safest and healthiest way possible.”

Under the summer foreshore rules people are allowed access to the beach with their dogs at certain locations and certain times of the day.

  • Dogs are allowed at one end of the Mentone foreshore (between Charman Road and Plummer Road) for off-leash play 24/7 all year round.
  • Carrum (Southern end of Old Post Office Lane car park to Osprey Lane) no dogs allowed on the sand between 10am and 7.30pm, but can be exercised off leash between 7.30pm and 10am.
  • In most other areas of Kingston’s foreshore dogs are allowed off-leash on the sand from sunrise to 10am. Between 10am and 7.30pm no dogs are allowed. From 7.30pm to sunrise dogs are permitted on-leash.
  • The only exception to this is Mordialloc Foreshore where no dogs are allowed at any time (leashed or off-leash) between Bay Street and Mordialloc Creek

    “Please pick up after your pooch and don’t forget that dogs must remain on-leash before reaching off-leash areas and under effective control at all times.”  

    When a dog is being exercised off a leash in an off-leash area the owner must:

    • remain in effective voice or hand control of the dog so you can promptly place the dog on a leash, if that becomes necessary
    • carry a leash which you can use to bring the dog under effective control if the dog causes a nuisance to any person or animal
    • ·not allow the dog to worry or threaten any person or animal
    • always keep the dog in sight
    • bring the dog under control if it is or is likely to be within 20 metres of - the arena or ground of an organised sporting or practice event - an occupied children's playground area - an organised public meeting or event - an occupied permanent barbecue or picnic area


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