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The City of Kingston wishes you a safe and happy summer

28 December 2018

Council would like to wish everyone in Kingston a safe and happy summer. 

We hope you enjoy Kingston’s beautiful parks and 13 kilometres of beaches, but make sure that you put your safety and the health of our beaches first.


Alcohol ban on our beaches

Drinking alcohol is banned at most of Kingston’s beaches throughout the year. Find out where here

If you witness any illegal activity including anti-social behaviour, violence or feel threatened, please report it to Victoria Police on 000.

Council will support the efforts of Victoria Police wherever we can. CCTV is in operation in a range of high profile locations within the City of Kingston and where requested Council will provide footage to Victoria Police to assist its investigations.


Help keep Kingston beautiful

Please enjoy our parks and beaches this summer and remember to keep them beautiful, by disposing of rubbish and taking home what you don’t use.

Please also pick up after your dog and observe parking and off-leash restrictions.

Council regularly cleans our beaches and empties bins in our popular open spaces over summer, with the aim to keep our city clean.

However, it’s up to all of us to take home what we don’t use – as it can stack up.

Over Christmas and Boxing Day (2018), a whopping 11 tonnes of rubbish was collected from Kingston’s 13-kilometres of foreshore. This is more than three times the normal daily amount collected from our beaches at this time of year.  


Be safe around water

Kingston Council operates two fully supervised swimming pools: Waves and Don Tatnell Leisure Centres. Find out more, including opening hours at

Our City is also home to seven Life Saving Clubs who provide patrolled beaches thanks to their teams of trained volunteers.

Patrolled beaches are available during the summer months at:

  • Aspendale Life Saving Club
  • Bonbeach Life Saving Club
  • Carrum Surf Life Saving Club
  • Chelsea Longbeach Life Saving Club
  • Edithvale Life Saving Club
  • Mentone Life Saving Club
  • Mordialloc Life Saving Club

Find out when and where the beaches are patrolled at

For more advice about staying safe in the water this summer, visit

Butt out

Under Victorian laws, smoking is banned at all of Kingston’s patrolled beaches, within 50 metres of the red and yellow flags.

Council encourages all smokers, whether at the beach or elsewhere, to dispose of cigarette butts properly to ensure our waterways and beaches remain litter free.

Smokers can face fines of $311 for littering cigarette butts, or up to $622 if the discarded cigarette butt is still lit.


Animals and fireworks

It is illegal to set off fireworks without the correct permits and we urge community members to think of the safety of people and animals, before using any illegal fireworks.

If you see any illegal fireworks activity, please report it to Victoria Police on 000.



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