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South East Melbourne Local Government Councillors call for an ambitious 2030 emission reduction target at the COP26

27 October 2021

Councils from across Melbourne’s south east have called on the Australian Federal Government to commit to an ambitious 2030 emissions reduction target, underpinned by a clear plan to achieve the target, in the lead up to the upcoming COP26 meeting in Glasgow.

The Federal Government’s long anticipated commitment to a 2050 emission reduction target is welcome however even more pressing is the need for a 2030 emission reduction target, aligned with other developed countries’ commitments.

It is absolutely essential that Australia makes an equitable contribution to global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in order to limit warming to 1.5 degrees above preindustrial levels. A stable climate must be a primary priority for all levels of government.

City of Kingston Mayor Steve Staikos, which is a member of the South East Councils Climate Change Alliance, explained that local communities across the south east, and local communities around the world, are right now experiencing the devastating impacts of global warming and these impacts will worsen if the increase in emissions is not halted.

“Kingston has declared a climate and ecological emergency.  We recognise that business as usual is not good enough, and that actions to reduce emissions must reflect the scale and scope of the challenge. The Australian Federal Government must also recognise that we are living in a climate emergency and the time has passed for procrastinating and politicking,” Cr Staikos said.  

Kingston Deputy Mayor Hadi Saab also stated: “An ambitious 2030 emission reduction target and a clear plan that drives a rapid decarbonisation of Australia’s economy, deploying renewable energy and energy efficiency as well as driving investment in zero emissions transport and in carbon sequestration is urgently needed.”

Australia’s response to global emission reduction efforts needs to be clear and decisive.  Commitments must reflect the scale and scope of the threat – an existential threat to our human civilisation and the biodiversity of the planet.

Councils in Melbourne’s south east are setting ambitious emission reduction targets for their own councils and working to support their communities to transition to net zero.  As a member of SECCCA, City of Kingston is also part of regional efforts to decarbonise.  


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