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Kingston welcomes new Mayor Georgina Oxley

15 November 2018

Kingston welcomed new Mayor, Cr Georgina Oxley, at the Special (Statutory) Meeting last night (Wednesday 14 November).

Former Mayor Steve Staikos was sworn in as the city’s Deputy Mayor for the next 12 months.

At the meeting, Cr Oxley spoke about what she looks forward to in her first term as Mayor, including:

  • Implementing Council’s first Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence Action Plan
  • Ensuring that local clubs and organisations get their fair share of Council’s support
  • Planting more trees along our foreshore and nature strips
  • Working towards the completion of the Bay Trail shared use path along the Kingston foreshore
  • The commencement of works on the Chelsea Structure Plan, to rejuvenate local shopping strips
  • The exciting opportunities brought with the Level Crossing Removal works
  • Overseeing more female-friendly fit-outs in local sports clubs

 “In the next year our City will face a number of exciting challenges and projects and I look forward to being involved in implementing them,” said Cr Oxley.

“We will be putting together our Neighbourhood Character and Housing Strategy and need to get the balance right between maintaining neighbourhood character and meeting the demands of a growing population. We also need to review parking, rate-capping and traffic.”  

Cr Steve Staikos was thanked for his hard work serving Kingston as Mayor over the last 12 months.

“Cr Staikos has achieved a lot during his term and has secured millions of dollars for the city through his advocacy work. I look forward to continue working with him as Deputy Mayor,” said Cr Oxley.

Cr Rosemary West and Cr Staikos were also both recognised by MAV President, Cr Mary Lalios, for their long service to the Kingston community.

“Cr West has now served Kingston as a councillor for 15 years and Cr Staikos, for 10 years,” said Cr Oxley.

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