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Mentone Hotel site update

29 January 2016

The issuing of a Heritage Permit by Heritage Victoria is one step in the planning assessment process for the proposed redevelopment of the Mentone Hotel site.

For further details on the Heritage Victoria Heritage Permit see

The proposed redevelopment must still be assessed by Kingston Council and would require a formal Planning Scheme Amendment process to be carried out to allow for a variation to the existing height limits. Officers are at the preliminary stage of their assessment and are awaiting further information from the applicant.

Once all the required information is received, the next step is for Council Officers to seek direction from Council as to whether or not it wishes to ask the State Minister for Planning to authorise the commencement of a Planning Scheme Amendment. It is expected a public report on this matter will be presented to Council  over the coming months but this is only the first step in the Amendment process.

If Council decides to proceed with the Amendment process and the Minister approves, the Amendment would be publically exhibited and a Planning Panel would likely be appointed to hear from any interested parties.

In order to change the Kingston Planning Scheme through a Planning Scheme Amendment the ultimate approval is required from the State Planning Minister, not Council, at the conclusion of the Planning Scheme Amendment process.    

To ensure interested members of the community are kept informed they should register their interest by emailing or contacting Council's Strategic Planning Team on 9581 4713.

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