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New advertising rules keep local reserves looking their best

26 July 2016

Kingston Council is working to protect the appearance of local reserves while supporting local sports clubs to remain financially sustainable.

Council last night adopted Guidelines for Advertising and Promotional Signs on Council Sporting Reserves following extensive consultation with local sports clubs.

Kingston Mayor Tamsin Bearsley said the guidelines struck a fine balance between meeting the needs of local sports clubs and responding to resident concerns over the growing amount of advertising at local reserves.  

“By introducing common-sense boundaries we can keep our parks looking pristine while still allowing local sports clubs to seek financial support from the community,” Cr Bearsley said.

Under the guidelines:

  • advertising signs will be allowed on scoreboards, coaches’ boxes and fences, but not on toilet blocks
  •   club identification signs will be allowed on pavilions
  •   a limited number of free-standing signs will be allowed to promote club membership drives and other events.

The policy covers all Kingston sporting reserves, except Moorabbin Reserve and Kingston Heath Regional Soccer Centre where separate signage and sponsorship arrangements already exist. 

“Sports clubs will have two years  to make any required changes to allow them plenty of time to adjust,” Cr Bearsley said.

Cr Bearsley said some councils had completely outlawed advertising signs, but that would make it extremely difficult for our local sports club to continue providing such a valuable community service.

“Council strongly believes our local sports clubs play a huge role in helping create a healthier, more connected community and want to support them in this role.”

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