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Safe travels for school students in the new school year

1 February 2017

Kingston Council and local schools will team up again in 2017 to promote traffic safety through the Safe Routes to School program for primary schools and the Active Youth Program for secondary students.

The Active Youth Program works with secondary students to help them be more aware of safety issues as they travel to and from school and around their community.

The Safe Routes to School program, now in its 5th year, aims to improve safety around primary schools during peak drop-off and pick-up times.

Fifteen schools have taken part to help address issues including parking, pedestrian and cyclist safety, poor traffic flow and high traffic volumes.  Three schools are taking part in the first half of 2017 with Parkdale Primary, Aspendale Gardens Primary and Kingswood Primary all joining in.

Students, teachers and parents have helped identify safe routes for walking and cycling to school and looked at parking conditions around their school.

Mayor David Eden said it was important to manage traffic around schools properly to keep children safe and minimise traffic and parking issues for local residents.

“We have had great success working with local school communities to ensure every child arrives and departs their school safely.” Cr Eden said.

“By working together with teachers, parents, students and nearby residents we can help identify and minimise safety issues and create safe schools.”

Initiatives adopted under the program have included:

  • introducing crossing supervisors and moving existing school crossings to safer areas
  • providing safer routes to walk to school
  • adding parking restrictions to neighbouring streets
  • sending parking officers to ensure parents are driving and parking safely
  • teaching children how to ride a bicycle safely
  • encouraging parents to park short distances away and walk remainder of journey to school.

Cr Eden also encouraged other drivers to take extra care during peak school times. ”Young children are often unpredictable and hard to see, so please take extra care around local

schools and slow down while passing through our 40kmh school zones.”

All local schools are invited to take part in Ride 2 School Day and Walk to School Month programs held later this year.  

Schools interested in taking part in the Safe Schools  or Active Youth programs are encouraged to contact Council’s Traffic and Transport Department on 13000 653 356.

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