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Pet registration helps reunite lost animals with their owners

14 March 2017

Calling all Kingston pet owners!   April is pet registration time and Kingston Council is reminding all cat and dog owners to ensure their pet registration is renewed.

Registering your pet is the best way to ensure you are reunited with them if they are lost or run away. In 2016 almost 399 lost dogs were collected by Council rangers.

Kingston Mayor David Eden has his family’s dogs Monty and Oscar registered each year.

“I encourage all pet owners to have their animals registered and microchipped, that way if they are ever lost they can be identified and safely returned home,” Cr Eden said.

“For the past three years 100 per cent of the properly registered dogs collected by Kingston Council rangers were successfully returned to their owners.”

“Please don’t wait until it’s too late and your pet is missing – make sure their registration is renewed and that their microchip details are up to date.”

Victorian legislation requires every cat and dog three months of age and over to be registered with Council. Animals being registered for the first time must be microchipped and desexed prior to registration.

Pet registration fees also fund:

· off-leash dog parks and dog exercise equipment

· services to remove wandering and aggressive dogs from the streets, so you and your pet can walk in safety

· services to deal with nuisance problems like barking dogs, cat trespass and abandoned animals

· control of dangerous, menacing and restricted breed dogs so they do not pose a threat to the community

· monitoring of animal welfare standards in pet shops, kennels, catteries, breeding and training businesses

· education programs for the general community and for children in preschools and primary schools.

Pet owners can renew registration online and sign-up to receive reminder notices to your email inbox.  Register online at

Pet registrations are due by Monday 10 April.

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