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Watershed green waste initiative to be announced in Kingston

14 June 2016

An unlikely combination of companies is about to deliver one of the biggest environmental breakthroughs in recent times.

Aximill, a small innovative Bayswater company, has developed technology to convert landfill waste into building materials.

Aximill is taking McDonald’s waste paper, cups, plastic containers and cutlery and turning it into a building material suitable for houses.

This material is much stronger than the average concrete. It is more fire-resistant than most building material. It is also water and pest resistant.

The project has now expanded and uses industrial plasterboard, waste paper and recycled car tyres. The outcome of this project when it is fully implemented is that most of the plastic, paper, cardboard, (that have been contaminated with food) plasterboard, glass and tyres going to landfill can now be made into building materials.

Kingston City Council, through its involvement in developing the "ASPIRE" program with the CSIRO, will host a Sustainable Business Breakfast to showcase the Aximill technology for the first time. The ASPIRE online register is available to businesses in Kingston, Knox, Dandenong and Hume.

Sustainability Victoria is sponsoring the breakfast with a focus on materials efficiency and speakers will include the CEO of Tyre Stewardship Australia, and a local business champion from Braeside business The Australian Wrapping Paper Company.

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