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Council to survey Quiet Lakes residents on support for increased maintenance

26 July 2016

Quiet Lakes residents will be surveyed on whether they would be willing to pay for increased beach maintenance to help improve conditions in the lakes area.

Kingston Council will conduct a survey of Quiet Lake residents to determine their support for fees – ranging between $220 to $290 per annum.

Mayor Tamsin Bearsley said that in the past Melbourne Water had charged a fee to conduct maintenance works in the Quiet Lakes area.

“This service was removed, so in 2015 Kingston Council stepped in and offered to contribute $80,000 to annual maintenance of both the Quiet Lakes and Tidal Waterways,” Cr Bearsley said. “We’re also supporting local residents by calling on the Victorian Government to reinstate its funding to ensure this state-owned asset is properly maintained.”

The Patterson Lakes Independent Review identified that it was Parks Victoria’s responsibility to replenish sand in the Quiet Lakes and Tidal Waterways areas, however Parks Victoria has advised Council it would not do this as it was outside its charter.

“Residents urgently need beaches topped up as exposed clay is making some areas dangerous and slippery,” Cr Bearsley said.

Mayor Bearsley said Council would survey Quiet Lakes residents seeking their support for:

  • a $220-$245 annual charge to pay for improved maintenance (excluding beach sand top-ups)
  • a $265-$290 annual charge to pay for improved maintenance plus beach sand top-ups (assuming Parks Victoria does not provide funding)
  • retaining the current level of maintenance with no extra fees.

“We’d like to see action from the Victorian Government, but in the meantime we will continue to work with our residents to find solutions to this long-running issue,” Cr Bearsley said.



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