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Council approves $1 million development at Moorabbin Reserve parkland

25 July 2017

The Moorabbin community will enjoy improved local parkland thanks to a $1million investment at
Moorabbin Reserve approved by Kingston Council.
Kingston Council this week confirmed plans for the parkland improvements following extensive
consultation with local residents, sporting clubs and reserve users.
Stage One Improvements to the Moorabbin parkland will include:
  • new walking paths to link South Road, Margaret Street and Linton Street
  • improved junior playground at the existing Linton/Perry Street park
  • new senior youth area/play space in the northern section of the reserve
  • new picnic shelter, barbecue and picnic table area
  • new exercise station
  • design work to formalise the Bowling Club car park
  • minor plantings and landscaping.
Kingston Mayor David Eden said there was strong support for the plan with support from more than 90 per cent of those that took part in community consultation.
“This will be a fantastic upgrade and the first stage of works will feature a fitness and BBQ area, a junior play area and senior play space,” Cr Eden said.
A decision on whether the playing oval would include any fencing – temporary or permanent – to allow community football leagues to charge entry on major game days is still to be decided.
“We’re keen to find a solution that meets the needs of the community football leagues while still keeping the park open and attractive for locals,” Cr Eden. “We’re still looking at options and will make a decision on fencing at a later date.”
The Masterplan for the parkland also includes proposed Stage 2 works (subject to future funding) including:
  • new lighting on the main path
  • extensive landscaping, tree planting and park furniture
  • new bowling club car park
  • upgraded surfaces on existing paths
  • improvements to the dog off-lead area.
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