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Mentone Hotel next steps

4 May 2016

There has been strong community interest in the proposed redevelopment of the Mentone Hotel.

No decisions have yet been made on the plans lodged with Kingston Council.

Below is an outline of the next steps to help clear up any confusion in the community over this complex and technical process.

Plans for the proposed Mentone Hotel redevelopment have not been considered by Kingston Council. (In February, Heritage Victoria gave its approval for the plans)

On May 18 Kingston Council will consider whether or not to request the Planning Minister to begin a Planning Scheme Amendment process.

At this time Council is just considering whether or not to start the process.

If Council votes not to proceed, the developer would have the option of applying directly to the Minister for Planning to amend the planning scheme.

If the Council votes in favour of requesting the Minister start the amendment process the following steps would take place:

o Minister reviews request (this generally takes about ten days)

o If approval given to start the amendment process, Council would publicly exhibit the proposed amendment for approximately one month to seek community feedback.

o Council must then review all submissions and decide whether or not to further progress the amendment.

o An Independent Planning Panel appointed by the Minister for Planning would then hear submissions on the proposal. Unlike VCAT, a Planning Panel does not make a decision but rather provides a recommendation to Council and the Planning Minister.

o Council would then decide whether to support that the amendment be:

  • abandoned (if this occurs an applicant can still choose to apply directly to the Minister for Planning)
  • adopted with changes
  • adopted without change.

o Regardless of Council's position, the matter would then be sent to the Minister for Planning for a final decision.

This process, if it proceeds, generally takes around 12 months to undertake the community consultation, panel process and Council review before it is considered by the Minister for Planning for a final decision.

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