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Kingston Council speaks out against family violence

27 May 2016

Kingston Council has continued its strong stand against family violence and joined the South Melbourne Primary Care Partnership in a public statement of support.

Kingston Council voted at its May meeting to support the Southern Melbourne Primary Care Partnership Statement of Commitment on the Prevention of Violence against Women and their children.

Mayor Tamsin Bearsley said Kingston Council recognised that violence against women and children was a serious issue across the community and that local government had an important role to play.

“We are proud to publicly declare that women and children have the right to live free from violence and to feel safe and respected within their relationships, workplaces and community,” Cr Bearsley said.

“It’s important for Councils, community leaders and key organisations to take a leadership role and make it clear that violence will not be tolerated in our community – whether it is in public places or in private homes.”

“Every single one of us can play a positive part by treating others with respect, by challenging comments or actions that degrade others, by supporting people experiencing family violence and by reporting violence to authorities.”

 Key principles of the Statement of Commitment are:

  • All women and their children have the right to live free from violence and feel safe and respected within their relationships, workplaces and community.
  • Preventing violence against women and their children and developing a culture of equity and respect is everyone’s responsibility.
  • All men have an important role to play in preventing violence against women.
  • All women and men have the right to opportunities for equal participation in public and private life.
  • The causes of violence are consistently articulated as gender inequality and the adherence to rigid gender roles.
  • Safety is a fundamental human right. Everyone – regardless of their age, gender, sexual orientation, race, culture, disability, religious and spiritual belief or location – has a right to be safe and live in a society that is free from violence.
  • Effective partnerships between government agencies, non-government organisations and the community will lead to greater gender equity and challenge the attitudes and behaviours that allow violence to occur.

Kingston Council has committed to support initiatives to increase community awareness of the issue, encourage respectful relationships between all members of the community and to provide and inclusive and equitable working environment to Council staff. 

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